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Agilent HP4500 Shield Torch System

The machine was taken out of a government facility in good working condition. They would not let us take the computer so it is not included.

Attached are pictures of the machine powered up.

Information below was found on the internet.....


  • Low uptake cross flow nebulizer
  • Platinum interface cones as standard
  • Two separately controlled mass flow controllers for the carrier and blend gas supplies
  • Long Life Shield Torch System
  • Twin peristaltic pumps
  • Quartz double pass spray chamber
  • Peltier cooled spray chamber
  • Mass flow controlled carrier gas supply
  • Turbo pumped three-stage vacuum system
  • Omega lens ion optics


  • Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 58 cm
  • Weight: 135 kg
  • Mass Filter: Quadrupole hyperbolic rods
  • Mass Range: 2 - 260
  • Resolution: 0.3 - 2.0 amu discrete dynode electron multiplier
  • Scanning Rate: 3 stage, 1 rotary pump, 2 turbomolecular pumps bacled by 1 rotary pump
  • ICP generator: crystal controlled, solid state
  • Load Coil: Shied Torch
  • Ce Oxide ions: Random-access autosampler, microautosampler, H-F resistant kit, ETV, hydride generator, DIN, MCN, UV Laser ablation
  • Short Term Precision (RSD for 10 replicates): < 1 percent
  • Long Term Precision (RSD for 4 hours) : < 2 
Price: $7,500 USD

Shield Torch System

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