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Universal Instruments 6241F

Beamworks Spark 400

 Camalot FXD Dispenser

 Perkin Elmer 2400

Thermotron ATS 320

120 Stations - Square Motors

Several Machines Available 

3 Heater Plates - Underfill

Sputtering System

Shock - Hot/Cold

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First Place Machinery is a dealer of high quality Used SMT Equipment, Used Plastic Injection Molding Equipment, Used Machine Tools, Used Semiconductor Machinery, and Used Industrial Machinery. We BUY USED MACHINERY of all kinds and will consider one piece, or an entire facility.  First Place Machinery will manage the professional de-install, rigging, removal, and transportation of the equipment from your facility. 

*Used SMT Equipment: 
MPM UP2000
, MPM SPM, MPM Acculfex, MPM AP25, MPM AP27, MPM AP21, MPM UP100, MPM UP3000, MPM UP2000 Hie, MPM SP200, DEK ELA, DEK 265GS, DEK 248, DEK 249, DEK 265 MK1, FUJI GP551-E, Transition Automation APS, BTU Paragon 98, BTU Paragon 150, BTU VIP70Electrovert Omniflow 5, AQ400CL, AQ400, Westkleen In-Line Cleaner,Electrovert Omniflow 7, Electrovert Omniflow 10 Electrovert Omniflow 14, Heller 1800W, Omniflow 5, Research Microflow, SPEA 4040, MPM Printer, Conceptronics HVN155, ECD 6307, Camalot Xyflex Pro+, Camalot 2800, Camalot 1818, MRSI 170, Contact Systems 3S80Philips Comet, ERSA EWS 500F, Vitronics Alphwave, Vitronics Dover Soltec 6622CCGPD CF9, ERSA Wave Solder, MPM UP2000 Screen Printer, SEHO 1135FAqueous Technologies AQ400, ECD 9600, Photon Dynamics SV6000, Orbotech VT9300, Diagnosys Scanpoint 50, FUJI 153E-XL, GPD CF10 Radial Lead Former, Cyberoptics SE200, HP3070, Asymtek 1020, CR Technology RTI6500Cyberoptics SE2000, IPTE Board Router, PMJ HiSac1000, Cencorp 1000BR, MVP Ultra 1820 AOI, PVA 3000, Yestech HXR3000, Nicolet NXR1400, Agilent HP3070, Teradyne Z1890, Nutek Conveyor, Faxitron Xray, Heller 1088, Camalot 3800,Philips ACM Micro Pick and Place, ATI Conveyor, Mydata Loader, 90 Degree Conveyor, PCT Wave Solder Exit ConveyorATI Edge Rail Conveyor, PAF PCB Edge Rail Conveyor,Electrovert Econopac Wave Solder, Asymtek X-1020 Dispenser, Rich Automation Accumulator, Mydata MY19 Hydra Pick and Place, Crown Simplimatic Inspection Station, AQ-400, Conveyor Technologies FIFO, JOT Magazine Unloader, Dynapace Magazine PCB Loader, Dynapace Magazine Unloader, Westek Orbital PCB Cleaner, HP3070 Series II, DEK 265LT,Conceptronics Freedom 3000, FUJI 153E-XL Pick and Place, MPM AP36, Beamworks Spark 400, Pillarhouse Ruby2, VI Technology VI 3000, MPM UP2000 Hie, MPM SPM Stencil Printer, Dek 265LT Stencil Printer, EuroPlacer Pick and Place, CR Technology RTI 6520,
Tyco Connector Press, Cimtek Test System, Fancort PCB Depaneler, Pace TF2700 BGA Rework Station, Camalot Xyflexpro, Camalot Gemini II, Teknek Cleaner, Madell Reflow Oven,
Heller Benchtop, Camalot FXD, Rehm Reflow Oven, Europlacer, Cyberoptics, MPM AP25Mydata TP9, Aqueous PC Board WashHeller 1700 Reflow Oven, Unit Design, Printek II, VTEK Tape and ReelMydata Pick and Place, Universal GSM2, Dage XD6600 Xray, Vitronics SMR-1030NCredence Tester, FUJI GL5, MVP Ultra 850G, Fancort PCB Router, Electrovert Aquajet Stencil Cleaner, Resys DI Water Cleaning System, Cencorp TR2000 Router, Mydata Tex Tower, Smart Sonic 6000 Stencil Cleaner, DEK 265 GSX, Universal 4796, Omron VT-WIN AOI, Universal PTF, Universal GSM, HP3070, MPM UP2000/B Printer, Orbotech S36, Tyco Press BMEP-5T, Tyco Press MEP-6T, Tyco Press MEP-12T Cencorp TR1000 Router Electrovert Electra Ekra E4 IPTE Router Cencorp BR1000 Teradyne ICT Asymtek 1020 Camalot FXD Camalot 8000 Contact Systems MPM SPM Air Vac PCBRM12 Ekra E5 Beamworks FUJI XPF-L Camalot Xyflex FUJI XPF Dage Xray 7500 Yestech YTX3000 Xray Electrovert Omniflow 5 Reflow Oven APE Rework Station Dage 7600 Xray Novastar Lead Free Benchtop Wave Solder MPM Accuflex SMT SL2220 Tyco 3 Ton Press MTA Selective Solder Tyco Press 12 Tons Camalot 1414 Vitronics 1030 Novastar GF12 Reflow Oven Heller Mark III Reflow Oven Mirtec MV3L Cencorp TR2100 CR Technology CRX2000 Xray PVA 6000 Aqueous SMT600-CL Aquastorm 200 Vi Technology Benchtop AOI Tyco Press MEP-12T Camalot Xyflexpro+ Oki APR-5000 BGA Rework Station Tyco Press 5 Tons Camalot Xyflexpro+ MPM UP1500 Printer MPM Accuflex Vitronics 520 Reflow Oven SCS Ionograph 500M Camalot FXD 8000 Tyco Press 5 Tons Tyco Press CMP-6T Tyco Press AEP-12T Vitronics XPM2 820 Reflow Oven Vitronics XPM3 820 Camalot FXD Universal Advantis Universal Instruments Advantis Universal Advantis Lighting Head Universal Advantis 4984 AX72 Universal GSM Benchtop Reflow Oven Camalot Xyflexpro+ Asymtek 910 Mydata MY100 Seica S40 Flying Probe Universal 6241F VCD Axial Inserter Asymtek 920 Dispenser Tyco Press CMP-12T Tyco ASG 5 Ton Press Mydata MY9 5 Foot PCB Conveyor Camalot Xyflexpro Dispenser DEK Horizon Printer Aqueous Technologies Trident Glenbrook RTX113 Xray
*Used Semiconductor Equipment: Toray CF1000R Flip Chip Line, ESEC 3006, Laurier DS6000, Fusion Systems UV Curing Oven, ESEC 2006, GSI Lumonics Laser, EVG Anodic Bonder,
Clean Room Products CRP C-1006, Datacon DS9000, Ecosys Gas Scrubber, Busch Screw Pump, Tencor P2, Alpha Metals 600R, Karl Suss Mask Aligner MA56, HP4500 Shield Torch System, Smart Sonic EZ-0 Wastewater Evaporator BOC Edwards iQDP80 Affinity Heat Exchanger ASM Die Sorter MS899 Exatron Laser Marker Etcher Universal Instruments Polaris Boc Edwards 4080 Chiller Temptronic TPO4310A X-Stream Ebara AA70W Dry Pump Yaskawa Wafer Robot Affinity CWA-300 Triple Loop Chiller Lytron GWN-ZRMK-BE55CBS6 Chiller Triple Loop Chiller Boc Edwards IH1800 Dry Vacuum Pump CTI Cryogenics On Board 250F CTI On Board 250 Cryo Pump Boc Edwards IGX100 Boc Edwards IGX6 FST Chiller Yaskawa Dual Arm Transfer Wafer Robots Perkin Elmer 2400 Sputtering System  Perkin Elmer 4450 Sputtering System Thermotron Shock Chamber Hot Cold
*Used Industrial Equipment:
Key Technology Prism Sorter, Espec Environmental Chamber, CPak Shrink Tunnel, Dorner Flat Belt Conveyor, Affinity Triple Loop Chiller, SMC Triple Loop Chiller, Affinity Water Cooled Chiller, Crown Simplimatic Flat Belt Conveyor, Conveyor Technologies Flat Belt Conveyor, Markem 195 Labeler, Affinity Chiller, Espec Walk in Chamber, Despatch Environmental Chamber, Technical Devices Glass Cleaning Machine, Sommer Abrasive Belt Sander,
SouthWorth Pallet Pal Loader, Perfect Technology Belt Sander, Affinity Chiller RWA-012J, Bay Voltex Chiller, Modutek Water Chiller, Associated EnvironmentalSD508, Adept Scara 550 Robot, Instron Tensile Tester Environmental Oven, Microjoin B-4100, Sunsom, Wilkerson 100CFM Dryer, Kaeser 20HP Compressor, Atlas Copco 5HP Compressor, Despatch LEB1, Filtrine Air Cooled Chiller, Air Cooled ChillerFiltrine PCP-150-15AUsed Air Cooled Chiller, Neslab HX150, M and W Chiller, Adept Robots 840 One XL, Affinity Heat Exchanger, Test Equity Chamber, Accuheat Oven, Tenney TUJR Oven, SMC Chiller, Koolant Koolers Chiller, Thermotron S32C, Sullair 50HP Compressor, Sullair 15HP Compressor, Carrier 10 Ton Air Cooled Chiller, Gardner Denver 30HP Compressor, Atlas Copco Oil Free CompressorLytron Chiller CSZ Liquid Chiller Envirotronics ST27 Howden Buffalo Thermotron ESS ATC K1 Chiller Envirotronics ST8 Lytron Chiller Envirotronics Humidity Oven Advantage 5ton Air Cooled Chiller Kaeser SK26 Grieve 343 Oven Thermotron SE600 Chamber Thermotron Test Chamber Thermotron Environmental Chamber Thermotron SE600-6-6 Oven Lytron RC27969G1 Chiller Thermotron Agree Test Chamber Qualmark Halt Hass Chamber CSZ Z64 Environmental Test Chamber
*Used CNC Machine Tools: Control Laser Corporation LS-900 Super Icon, Okuma LB15 Turning Lathe, DI-ACRO Press Brake, Rousselle 1A OBI Punch Press, Lagun FTV-1S Vertical Mill, Daewoo DMV500, Haas VFO Vertical Machining Center, Haas SL20 Lathe Haas TM1 Charmilles Robofil 240 Wire EDM Branson Ultrason BSD1216 Degreaser
*Used Plastics Equipment:
Netstal Steag CD/DVD Line, Netstal 132 Tons, Newbury Vertical Molding Machine, Sumitomo 30 Tons, Krauss Maffei 280 Tons, 30 Ton Newbury, AEC Dryer,Arburg 35 Tons, Newbury Vertical 30 Tons, Newbury 30 Tons Vertical, 30 Ton Vertical Injection Molding Machine, Autojector 75 Ton Vertical Molding Machine, Newbury 150 Ton Vertical,Davis Standard 3.5 inch Extruder, Cumberland 100HP Granulator, Thermal Care 6 Ton Air Cooled Chiller, Filtrine Chiller, Thermal Care 10 Ton Water Cooled Chiller, Piovan Dryer,Temptek 10 Ton Air-Cooled Chiller, Maguire Conair Blender, Seiko Epson 4 Axis Robot, Star Automation Robot, Automated Assemblies Robot, Star Robot, Water Cooled Chiller,
Star TW-1200 Star TS-1000, Broad 1600 Ton Chiller, Autojector Vertical Molding Machine, Toshiba 90 Ton Injection Molding Machine, Toshiba 120 Ton Injection Molding Machine, Toshiba 150 Ton Injection Molding Machine, Vandorn 120 Ton Injection Molding Machine, Motan Plastics Dryers, Comet 30 CFM Plastics Dryer, Affinity Air Cooled Chiller

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