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Ecosys Marathon 8500
Burn Wet Integrated Gas Abatement System

The system was purchased in New 2008 for $143,000. It was decommissioned by Lumileds properly and all disposals were performed and inspected in accordance with state laws. The system is very, very clean and ready for startup. The system is still being sold and supported through ECOSYS.

About the Marathon 8500 

The Marathon 8500 is an advanced, point-of-use, integrated burn-wet treatment system designed to provide a controlled gas conditioning environment for today’s demanding Semi-Conductor and flat panel display process chemistries. The system is specifically designed for excellent PFCs abatement efficiency to help industries meet their environmental goals and commitments. With its advanced reactor chamber design and smart abatement technology, the Marathon provides superior particulate management for extended PM cycles and a Cost Effective abatement solution. The high flow capacity of the Marathon can be configurated to further reduce CoO by handling multiple process tools per abatement unit and provide 100% process tool uptime with automatic backup capability.

Marathon Series 8500

  • High process flow capacity (700slm) up to 6-inlet for multiple process tools connection and total backup function to reduce total CoO
  • High thermal capacity (230slm H2) for Epi & WCVD
  • Extended PM cycle with patented particle management technologies
  • Excellent PFC treatment (CF4 DRE > 99%)
  • Low CoO (O2 not required) with “On-demand” process mode utilities reduction
  • High reliability with “No flame out” technology
  • Ease of maintenance with low overall footprint
  • Enhanced Safety with inline flame arrestor, FM4910, SEMI S2 and CE Compliance

Target Applications:

  • Flat Panel Display/ Solar Cells
Equipment Description and Configuration

Ecosys Marathon
Model Number: M8500
Year 2008
Part Number: M521-321-5162
208/230V, 1 Phase, 50/60 HZ, 13FLA

  • Two (2) Nitrogen Sleeve Inlets
  • Booster Pump (this ensures the Marathon gets constant fuel pressure, if the supply pressure is low)
  • Inlet and Bypass Heat tracing (good for any condensable materials)
  • Bypass nitrogen purge for both inlets (used for dilution of process gases during bypass mode)
  • FM 4910 Compliant (use of fire retardant materials may lower your fab insurance premium)
  • High thermal capacity Heat Exchanger (for high thermal capacity application, such as epi process)
  • Additional Third Party ETL Certification 
  • Standard Product Features included below

o   Inlet and Outlet Pressure Transmitters

o   PLC Controlled Electronics

o   Methane Injection System

o   Combustion Chamber with Ceramic Liner

o   Corrosion Resistant Components

o   Dual Water Scrubber

o   Exhaust Moisture Suppression

o   Tool Interlock

o   Touch Screen Control

o   System Status Light Tower

o   Semi S2-0200 and CE Compliance


Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges from our Boston, MA location. 

We can set up shipping domestically or to countries overseas by boat or airplane. 

Price: $48,000 USD

Ecosys Marathon 8500

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