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Universal Instruments Polaris 
Serial Numbers: 10076306
Model Number: 7514A
Year 2008
Travel: 550 x 800 mm
Repeatability: +/1 0.01 mm
Velocity: 1200 mm/sec
Acceleration: 1g
Power: 208 Volts - 50/60 HZ - 3 Phase - 30 Amps
Process Capabilities
* Pick and Plcae: Mechanical pieces parts/assemblies, covers/lids, labels
* Labeling: Traceability (bar codes) , masking, branding/graphics. identification
* Screw Driving: Pneumatic - drive and servo drive
* Vision: Optical character verification (OCV)/recogniation (OCR), inspect voids/gaps
* Bar Code Readability verification (1D or 2D matrix)., traceability of pallet/piece part
Good Working Condition
Low use - Hours
Location: Boston, MA 
Price: CALL 978-790-2774 


Polaris Multi Process Assembly Cell

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