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FUJI NP 153E-XL Pick and Place
Serial Number 514
Year March of 2000
Machine cost was $300,000+ when purchased new
Supports boards up to 705 x 587 mm
Min PCB Size: 105 x 100 mm
Supports 160 component types
0.15 seconds/component (24,000 components/hour)
Approx 0.5 seconds/mark
Placing accuracy +/- 0.066 mm (3 sigma)
Dimensions: 2460 x 3003 x 1750 mm
Weight 5000 kg
Complete with all manuals and documentation

This machine includes (4) PFU-4Es....The machine uses two detachable power feeder units, one at the front of the machine and one at the rear. The PFU-4Es are incorporated into the machines design to increase production rates as well as to minimize changeover time. Each PFU features 40 slots that are capable of supplying up to 80 part types via 8mm double channel feeders. In addition, PFUs support batch changeover and splicing, Simultaneous replacement of feeders occurs by simply unlocking a PFU, rolling it away, and replacing it with another PFU.

The machine has Twin-Carrousel Placing Heads which provide high efficiency. Each is fitted with 16 nozzles. On the fly vision processing is performed as the placing head rotates. Machine idle time is minimized by integrating the operation of the twin table and twin placing heads. 

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Price: $50,000 each 

FUJI 153E-XL Pick and Place

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