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PVA 3000 Dispenser
Precision Valve Automation - PVA
Model Number: PVA 3000
Serial Number: W2967
Year April 2008
Includes (2) 10 gallon pressure tank assemblies
Dual Syringe Dispensing Valve
Windows Operating System with PathMaster
Laser Calibration Block
Weight Scale
XYZ Accuracy +/-0.025 mm (0.001 in)
Dispense Area: 19.68 x 19.68
Encoder Resolution: 0.0002 in
Z axis: 3.94 in
Travel Speed: 0 - 27.6 in/sec
120 V, 220V, +/_10%, 50/60HZ, 80 PSI dry, unlubricated air
Complete with PC, Keyboard, Monitor, and accessories

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PVA 3000 Automatic Dispenser

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