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(2) Camalot FXD 8000 Dispensers 

Model Number: 8000-1
Year 4/2008 and 5/2008
Serial Number: 30111 and Serial Number: 30141
Travel Area: 20 x 23
Dispenser Area: 20 x 20 
Speed Capability: 36,000 DPH
Auto Width Conveyor - XYZ Calibration Station
Pre-Dispense Station - Purge Station
Flip Chip Calculator - Auto Vision Alignment 
Windows XP Operating System
Z Height Laser - Needle Cleaner - Weight Scale
Power: 208 to 240 - 50/60HZ - 20 AMPS - CE MARKED
Machine Dimensions: 50 x 58 x 68
Machine Weight: 1,500 lbs.

Smart Stream Dispensing System
-Non-Contact dispense pump is well suited for underfill applications
-Patent pending design uses a positive displacement technique to create a "Stream" of material
-Closed loop servo drive ensures fast, repeatable performance
-Narrow stream width for access into densely packed areas
-Innovative design eliminates mechanical ball to seat contact, thus reducing wear on parts
-Hot Swap changeover concept allows cleaning in < 2 minutes

Machines are complete with all accessories - PC, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and Manuals.

Price: CALL - 978-790-2774



Camalot FXD Underfill Dispensing Machine

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