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Star Robot
TS-1000 FMIII-4
Star Automation Servo Robot designed for use with injection molding machines.
This unit actually has 4 axis of true servo motion.
The robot is equipped with a second arm (runner arm) to grip the runners from 3-plate molds if desired,
or the robot can be used as a normal 3-axis servo robot with the runner arm simply disabled.
The unit is in exceptionally clean condition, and is skidded and ready to ship.
With the 1000 mm of vertical stroke for the main parts arm, this robot is ideal for presses in the 300 ton to 600 ton range,
depending on application and safety gate arrangement of your press.
Ideal for parts and runner removal, stacking, degating, palletizing, etc.

Star Robot

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Main Parts Arm: 1000mm True Servo with linear guide. Pneumatic wrist at arm end.
Crosswise Stroke Parts Arm: True Servo (seems to be extended on this unit)
Traverse Stroke: Approx 1600-1800mm. True Servo. Linear guide.
Runner Arm: Pneumatic with linear guide. Mech. Runner gripper included.
Crosswise Stroke Runner Arm: True Servo with Linear Guide.
Controller: Star Stec-450 (includes floppy drive and disc).
Main Controller Location: On robot beam.
Controller Pendant: Mounted on pedestal with casters.
Lubrication: All points plumbed to common manifold in rear.

Note: A basic end-of-arm tool with 4 vacuum fixtures (no cups) is included.

If new, this unit sells new for $50K
Price: $20,000



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