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Seiko/Epson XM-3000 Linear Robot, 4 axis. New Condition 
  • This robot is perfect, still in the original shipping crate skid from Japan, we had to open up vapor barrier to get information and photos.
  • fyi, Siko is now Epson robots, we called Epson in CA and they still support these.
  • The model is XM3106-11LN.  In Seiko/epson robot language this means...
    - 1000mm traverse linear axis
    - 600mm secondary linear axis (front to back)
    - 150mm ballscrew spline/100mm slider (up and down and rotate)
  • All cables, Main CPU, software, documentation, SPEL progrmmaning, e-stop cable and switch are included.  All original.  Nothing removed.
  • These units use a basic PC as the operator panel.  A standard PC with windows 98 will be fine, according to Epson.  This is why you do not see a separate Operator pendant.
  • A fortune 500 elelctroncis company bought this for a particualr automation project and shelved it before it hit the dock.  In storage since.
  • Already skidded (and we ahve crate sides too).  We will load onto your truck.
  • Save huge money compared to buying a brand new unit for your Industrial automation project.

    Price: $10,000
  • Seiko/Epson XM-3000 Linear Robot, 4 axis. New Condition

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