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Automated Assemblies
AZ-390 Robot
39" vertical stroke, with High Speed Option700mm base
Rodless Traverse cylinder and linear bearing on traverse stroke
Mitsubsihi Controller with MTA-250 remote pendant
1997 vintage
This robot is a robust, well built pneumatic robot by Automated Assemblies Corp. See They still serviceand support their products well. The seems complete, with all cables, SPI plugs, etc, the controller and pendant seem to be in excellent condition.
Unit came out of one of the Nypro facilites, which is actually the parent company of AAC, so they know how to maintain them well, and in fact the robot is presently skidded and packaged on the original special sid weh it shipped from the factory. If you know anything about robots, having them skidded and packaged correctly is very important so they don't get damaged. They are awkward to ship
These robots work well on machines as small as 250 ton upwards to 600 ton range

Price: $6,000

Automated Assemblies

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