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Netstal Discjet 600 Molding Machine with Steag Hamatech
CD/DVD Replication Line With DVD 5 Option 

Netstal Discjet Molding Machine
Model Number:  DJ 600-110
Serial Number:  9N.00036
Vintage:  2000
Approx. Hours:  4901
Line Pressure:  210 Bar
Injection Force:  111 kN
Clamping Force:  600 kN
Electrical Circuit 1:  480V, 60Hz, 35A, 29kW
Electrical Circuit 2:  230V, 60Hz, 28A, 11kW
Control Voltage (AC):  230V
Control Voltage (DC): 5/+-15/2

Steag Hamatech Unijet DVD Replicator      
Model Number: 60144
Serial Number:  003643
Allen Bradley Controller
~With DVD 5 Option~

Axxicon Mold
Model Number: AXX008
Vintage: 1999
Type: C1 CD 120 34SP
  • The system is in very good condition and was taken out of manufacturing plant due to closure.
  • It was professionally de-installed and removed by riggers to our MA warehouse location.
  • The machine ran Polycarbonate - Lexan 1020 at a disc thickness of 1.8mm

Netstal Steag DVD Line  

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Price: $45,000



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