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Piovan Closed Loop Drying Package
Perfect condition Piovan drying package came off of a molding workcell which never took off at all.  It has hardly been used.  

This package includes the dryer, the closed loop blower/loader package, loader, drying hopper, and wand.  Material was evacuated from a barrel and automatically loaded in a Netstal machine. 
Was working with a 132 ton high speed application.  In general, in USA terms, we estimate this to be a 25 lbs/hour or 25 CFM capacity system.

Piovan DSN 409 ME   No  OD4 4252-6764
460 Volt
has AFTERCOOLER option
see mfg's product information at

Piovan T301X   No  LB 982

Piovan F32   No  OD4 4252-6764
see mfg's product information at

Like new condition. 
Manuals and documentation included.
Price: $6,500

Piovan Dryer Package

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