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AEC 3 Hopper Set-up for Batch Drying 
Insulated Steel Hoppers ~ Each Hopper is 1.5 Cubic Ft.
Each Hopper is complete with locking top cap and bottom slide gate.
All high-heat red flex tubes leading back to hopper are there.
Each Hopper has on-off lever to turn on or off hot air to that specific hopper.
3 filter stations, one per hopper.
There is a 230 Volt control station and "heat box" of some kind at the end.  This would typically lead to the actual dryer itself, we believe, and there is yellow cord for communication to your existing AEC dryer if needed.  However, we are selling this system based on a fair price for a 3 hopper caster mounted bank only, assuming you will tie in your own dryer, thus bypassing the AEC controller on this unit.
Price: $1,500

AEC Hopper Batch Dryer 

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