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Exatron Test Handler - Pick n Place Laser Marker Etcher

Machine is in good condition!

It has many options and was purchased for $142,750 new. The project it was purchased for never made it to production. This is an opportunity to save significantly!

Serial Number: PNP9020509197
Model Number: 902
Laser Model: 19LV-R10
Purex Model Number: LX210iDigital
Purex Serial Number: LX-942
Below is information from the manufacturers website:

The Model 900 Series is a kitless pick and place handler that automates test/mark/inspection of devices in JEDEC trays, waffle packs, and other inputs and outputs. Model 900 us a low cost, small to medium volume, servo motor based, engineering system that uses single trays. It can used a wide variety of inputs (JDEC tray, tubes, tape and reel, blow feeder) and outputs (tray, tubes, tape and reel). Outputs can be configured for multiple sorting options. Pickup heads can carry 1 to 16 devices at a time. Ping pong operation can move devices to two tester, each with multiple test sockets. Vision can be added for lead/ball inspection, OCR, 2D matrix reading, or device orientation. An in tray laser marking chamber with safety features can be added. Thermal testing in another option: hot to 155c, cold to -55C, and ambient testing all in one insertion.
The machine is complete with all manuals
Location: Boston, MA
Price: $ 45,000

Exatron Laser Marker

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