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Comet 30 CFM Plastics Dryer

Model Number: FCD10150

Serial Number: 050101

Year 2005

30 CFM

100 kilo Hopper = 220 lbs. Hopper Size

50 lbs. / hour dehumidifyer

Filter mounted for containimation

Extra receiver include for injection molding machine...ect...

480 Volt - 60 HZ

Manual Included

The FCD Series Compact Dryer is designed for general purpose and engineered resin drying and handling. It is a portable system with or without integrated loading systems,

The FCD-SAN Series Compact Dryer is designed to produce CD, DVD, LCD, LENS and products for optics applications. Since these products are devoted almost entirely to visual applications, it is essential to eliminate any foreign particles in both the conveying and drying process to insure dust free production.

The FCD Series Compact Dryer consists of three main parts and is referred to as

a 3-in-1 Compact Dryer:

1. Dehumidified Dryer

2. Drying Hopper

3. Loader(s)

A rotor slowly turns, while a cycle of dehumidification, regeneration, and cooling is repeated simultaneously. This drying system provides a constantly lower dewpoint than any desiccant, compressed air, vacuum, or other dryer available today. Because this unique system operates in continuous drying, it is able to maintain dewpoints of -50C, continuously. A closed loop circuit design eliminates the risk of moisture re-absorption and is suitable for polymer drying applications involving large quantities of hygroscopic material.

All of the internal parts of the drying hoppers are made of stainless steel.

The unit is designed to control either three or six receivers. One receiver can be mounted on the drying hopper, and the other receivers can be mounted on the molding machine(s). Depending on the production requirements, there is the option of a standard receiver or a separate powder receiver.

Manual is available upon request. 

Price: $7,500

Comet 30 CFM Dryer

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