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Applied Thermal Control Chiller 
Serial Number: 130160
Model Number: K1
Refrigerant: 407C
Water Cooled
Cooling Capacity: 1.75 kW - 1750 watts
Portable on Wheels
Microprocessor based temperature coontroller: 3 term PID Digital
Temperature adjustable: 0.1 C increments
Temperature stability: +/1 0.1C
Temperature range: +4 to 35C
Digital Temperature Display
Auto diagnostic functions: controller and sensor
System Volume: 1 Litres
Compatible Fluids: Hexid fluids, water, propylene, glycol
Weight: 66kg
Power: 208/220V - 60HZ or 230 V - 50HZ
CE Marked
Location: Boston, MA

(2) units available
Price: $3,000


ATC Chiller

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