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Asymtek 1010 Axiom Dispenser

We have powered up the machine and reset. Everything is working.

The machine does not currently have a pump. We can add a pump per customer's request or sell as is.



Model Number: X-1010

Serial Number: X11828

Year 2003

Windows NT Operating System

Asymtek Fluid Flow Software Version FmNT 4.7.1

Left to Right Flow

Pass Thru Conveyor System

Weight Scale

Computer Controlled

CE Marked 

208-220 Volt - 50/60 HZ 

Recommended Applications from the manufactures website

Underfill for flip chip and chip scale packaging

Chip Encapsulation

Dam and Fill

Solder Paste

Thermal Compounds 

  • Jets a wide range of fluids including underfill, SMA, encapsulants, conformal coating, UV adhesives and silver epoxy
  • Fast - jetting eliminates z-axis motion
  • Accurate - jetting is highly repeatable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Small wetted path so less fluid is wasted
  • One model handles multiple applications
  • Dot diameter as small as 200 micrometers (0.008 in.)

Price: $15,000 as is

Asymtek Dispenser

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