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Affinity Water Cooled Chiller - Heat Exchanger

Model Number: FWA-032K-DD01CAM125P
Serial Number: 080330
Date: 0411
Programmable Control
Refrigerant Type: R-22
Digital Setpoint Control
Portable of Wheels
Power Requirements: 208/230 Volt - 60 HZ - 3 Phase or 208/230 Volt - 50 HZ - 3Phase
CE Marked

Lydall Affinity Brand water-cooled chiller rated to remove up to 13,000 watts (44,356 btu/hr) at a coolant process temperature of 68F (20C). 

Process fluid temperature range: 39-86F (4-30C).  

Process fluid temperature stability: +/- 1F (.5C)

Process fluid pump will provide up to 8gpm (30.3lpm) at 40psi (2.8 bar) available pressure at 80psi 

(5.5bar) maximum pressure.  Process fluid type: Water

Dual rated electrical configuration of 208-230 volt (+/-10% variance), three-phase, 60Hz or 200-220 volt (+/- 10% variance), three-phase, 50Hz.

Refrigerant type: R-22

Coolant loop: Standard

Fluid conditioning: N/A

Fluid control: Standard external ball valve

Process fluid flow sensor: Internal flow sensing only

Process heater capacity: N/A

Communications/Signal output: Interlock Flow, Temp, Level 25 pin D-Sub

Ambient air temperature: 45-104F (5-40C)

Facility water temperature range: 45-95F (5-35C)

Product dimensions:

Compliance: MET

Location: Boston, MA

Price: $3,800

Affinity Chiller

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