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Sunsom XCM71-A6

Machine is Brand New - Never Used - Still in Original Packaging!!

Can be used for bonding FPC, COF, TAB onto various PCB panels.

Applications: LCD TV - LCD Display - Laptop Display 

  • Model Number: XCM71-A6
  • Heat Mode: Pulse Heat
  • Max LCD Size: 32", 47", 52", and 65"
  • Double cyclinders of Sunsom pressure system can eliminate deadweight of bond head.
  • High strength and high precision aluminum of LCD table avoid distoration, dislocation and clearance.
  • Three circuit of bond head, adjustable to mass production, manual mode and testing mode, solve inconvenience of up down movement.
  • Imported vision system, controlling system and temperature system
  • 220 Volt - 50/60 HZ 
  • Operation Mode: 7" Interface
  • Rating Power: 1.5kw (constant heat) 4kw (pulse heat)
  • LCD Table: Servo memory and auto location
  • Pressure: 0.4 - 0.8 Mpa
  • TAB Fixture: Micrometer adjust X-Y-Z 
  • Bond Head: 60mm (constant heat) 50mm (pulse heat)
  • Thermocouple: K- Type
  • Rolling Mode: Auto
  • Program Conrol: PLC and servo controller
  • Visions System: Two C/C CCD
  • Weight: 320kg
  • Dimensions: 2210 x 1730 x 1455 (mm)
  • Location: Boston, MA

Price: $19,000 USD


Sunsom TAB Bonding Machine

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