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CR Technology RTI 6520 Fully Automatic AOI
Automated pcb inspection for component presence and position, orientation/polarity, skew/tomb stoning, solder defects, ect....
Serial Number: 2S1982n.0500
Model Number: 6520 Vision
Year: May - 2000
Max Board Size: 18" x 20"
Pass Thru - In Line Conveyor System
Computer Controlled
Pattern Storage
Inspection Speed of 800-1800 parts per minute
On screen failure report with video defect review
Power: 120 Volt - 60 HZ - 10 Amps
Dimensions: 41" x 60" x 63"
Weight 1,300 lbs.
Manual and Software CD included
Location: Boston, MA
Price: $10,500

CR Technology RTI 6520

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