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Transition Automation Stencil Printer
Transition Automation Printek Perfect APS SEMI-AUTOMATIC Screen Printer w/ VISION
Excellent low volume printer for single or DOUBLE sided PCB.

This is the popular semi automatic model, the larger size capable of 29 X 29 STENCILS.
Some of our staff worked at the company which made these, therefore rest assured we know what we are doing when refurbishing, adjusting, and testing these workhorses.
Operation: You place your pcb on the r-theat tooling plate with the included holder pins, slide the table into position and lock with locking handle. Then you lower the stencil frame table with the manual/pneumatic handle motion, lowering the stencil over the pcb. The dual vision cameras give you a THROUGH THE STENCIL magnified view of the pads of the pcb as related to the aperatures, and you adjust, if needed, the x y and theta adjustment to align the pads perfectly to the stencil prior to printing. You then activate the motor drive squeegee motion, which is speed adjustable, to print the solder paste onto the pcb.
True vertical lift off for best printing results.
Red Light Rings on vision cameras all working fine.
Dual squeegees (One set of PERMALEX metal squeegee blades and holders included).
Includes the very desireable and expensive WORK TABLE CABINET WITH STENCIL STORAGE option.
STENCIL FRAME ADAPTER to run stencils smaller than 24 x 24 is inlcuded. The stencil shown on the unit is actually a 24 x 24, but indeed it accpets the larger 29 x 29's too...
R-theta rotating tooling dials provide near infinite adustment
Precision micrometers
TOOLING PINS and magnetic standoffs for DOUBLE SIDED SMT are included.
the rectangular tooling plate itself is about 18" x 18.5", but yo can run a larger board than this, as the opening in the primary table is much larger.

Price: $7,500

Transition Automation Stencil Printer

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