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MPM UP-100 / Sigmanprint MV Stencil Printer
Serial # 100834
Year ~ 2000 or newer
20" Stencil Capacity - Pneumatic Stencil locks
Type: Semi-Automatic
Camera Vision
Vacuum and Vacuum Supports
Two Sets (4 Squeegees) of expensive Permalex blades are included, as is the mylar screen, a spare parts box with misc items, and the complete original manual.
Lexan cover has a few cracks in corners, which is common, but it works along with it's safety interlock closed sensor.
The unit is essentially identical to the MV by Sigmaprint, and you can see more at this link>>>
115 Volt
Price: $10,000

MPM UP-100 / Sigmaprint MV Stencil Printer

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