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MPM UP2000 Hie Screen Printer
Model Number: UP2000/B
Serial Number: 21907
Year 1999-2000
Standard 29 x 29 Stencil Frame Size
Windows NT
Post 2D
Software Version 8.410
4th Axis Movement
Left to Right PCB Flow
Under Stencil Wipe
Programmable Head
Enchanced Solvent Vacuum Wiper
Paste Dispenser
Tactile Height Sensor
Upgraded Tube Camera
H-Tower Tooling - We can change to Adjustable Vacuum Box
115 Volt
50/60 HZ
30 Amps
CE Marked
Complete with Computer, Monitor, Trackball mouse.
Ready to Run - Good Condition
Location: Boston, MA

Price: $20,900 

MPM UP2000 Hie Screen Printer

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