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MPM AP27 Hi-e Screen Printer
Model Number: AP/A
Serial Number: 9367
Year 8/1997
Left to Right PCB Flow
Under Stencil Wipe with Vacuum 
Hi-E with 4th Axis Movement
66 inch Conveyor Rail Transport
Cognex 5000 Vision Card
Stencil to Board Alignment
Auto Vision
Pro Head Assembly
Squeegee Blades
Max. PCB Size: 20 x 16
Min. PCB Size: 2 x 2
Standard 29 x 29 Stencil Frame Size
Vacuum Tooling Nest 
MPM Magnetic Pins Supports
220 VAC
50/60 HZ
20 A
CE Marked 

Price: $45,000

MPM AP25 Hi-e Screen Printer

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