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Heller 1088 EXL Reflow Oven
Model Number: 1088EXL
Serial Number: 0201DA1A1-53956
Year: Feb 2001
Left to Right Process Flow
8 heating zone forced convection reflow system with 4 heaters above and below the conveyor
Extra High Volume heating modules with maximum safe velocity gas glow for the ultimate in rapid and uniform heat transfer
Produces optimized temperature profiles
Fast reaction heating modules with one-tenth second response time to load variations
Totally useable 18" belt width - 45 cm
Heated tunnel length 43.5 " - 111 cm
Cross belt temperature variation <+/- 3oC
Counterbalance oven top for easy, swift access to conveyor
Eliminate common soldering problems
Location: Boston, MA
Price: $10,000

Heller 1088 EXL Reflow Oven

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