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Electrovert OmniFlow 14 Relow Oven
Left to Right
Edge Rail and Mesh
Rail Heat Option
Independent High Temp Safety Circuit
Inert Heating Module
Integrated Oxygen Analyzer
Quick Purge
Auto Chain Oilers
Combination Conveyor
Integrated Flux Management System
External Cool
Status Light Tower
In-Interruptible Power Supply
Omni SMEMA Interface
Clean Room Class 10,000
Spare Heat Exchangers
Spare Condensers #1 and #2
The oven has Nitrogen
It can run profiles at 51 inch/min.
14 heating zones 6 cooling zones
Max temp. 280 C
Lead Free
This oven has every option possible
SN 014-1115312-01
Never Used In Production
Brand New Condition
Year July 2002

Original cost well over $200,000
Price: $58,000 USD

Electrovert OmniFlow 14 Reflow Oven

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