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BTU Paragon 98 Reflow Oven  
Model Number: Paragon 98
Serial Number: LTMT-11
Year 2000
7 Zones
Left to Right
Edge Rail 
Max Temp 325
Blower Fail Detection
Internal Program
Double Cooler
Dynamic Idle
2 center support chains - precision center
Monitor - Keyboard - Mouse - Accessories

Information from Manufacturer

Forced Impingement Convection
The ultimate level of heating efficiency is achieved through BTU's forced impingement convection technology with side to side gas recircultion. Self-contained blower modules direct heated gas through a perforated plate for optimized convection. Advantages of BTU's patented design include: Unequaled heat transfer and thermal uniformity, Superior zone-to-zone temperature differentials, Unmatched atmosphere control.
BTU's industry leading heating technology delivers excepitonal thermal efficiency. The BTU Heater has the following features:
  • Unequaled heating response times
  • Prolonged element life
  • Greater temperature uniformity through its 360" wrap around design

Flux Management System
Reduces up to 90% of the flux contamination in the process chamber
* Provides one location for the
and safe removal of flux residues
BTU's patented flux management sysrem is available as an option. The system consists of a condensation trap that circulates the flux-laden, gas through a series of filters before being circulated back into the oven process chamber. This highly effective design offers the following benefits:

  •  Reduces up to 90% of the flux contamination in the process chamber
  • Provides one location for the trapping and safe removal of flux residues
  • True "on-thc-fly" servicing - maxmizing uptime
  • Lowers maintenance costs, reducing cost-of-ownership

Maximum temperature rating: 300 C
Operating temperature: 100-280 C
Number of controlled heated zones: 7 Zones ( 7 top/7 bottom)
Working dimensions: 22 inches ( 55.8 cm ) wide belt : 2 inch ( 5.1 cm ) nominal clearance above belt
Heated length: 98 inches ( 249.0 cm )
Belt height above floor: 33.0 to 39.0 inches to top of belt ( 83.8 to 99.0 cm )
Oven atmosphere: N2/Air

Process Chamber
System provides side to side recirculation convection. Convection is provided via blowers. System utilizes BTU style “Porcupine II” heating elements in a BTU Plenum Module. Each zone incorporates 2 Plenum Module Assemblies which house the heaters, blower mechanisms, and control thermocouples. Each assembly can be easily removed for servicing. 5.Cross belt temperature uniformity is within a 40 C delta T in the reflow zone using standard BTU uniformity test board.

Conveyor Width:2 inches to 18 inches (5.1cm / 45.7 cm)
Parallel to within 0.040"
Support Pin Length: 0.187 or 0.375 Inch available (4.8/9.5 mm)
Pin to Pin Distance: 0.375 inches (9.5 mm)
Support Pin Height Clearance: 1.2 in. clearance above top of pin (35.6 mm)
(process chamber) 0.8 inches (20.3 mm) below top of pin
Gravity feed lubricator
Belt deviation detection via programmable deviation alarm.
Belt Stopped alarm is standard.

Temperature Control
Zones are controlled by fourteen ( 14 ) PID control loops of the microprocessor control system. Each zone is divided into top and bottom control.

Each Zone Utilizes:
2 Microprocessor Control Channels ( one top and one bottom )
2 Type " K " Thermocouples
2 Solid State Relays

Over Temperature Protection
Independent, factory set over temperature devices provide protection of zones 1 through 7 in the event of an over temperature condition. This device is redundant protection in addition to the oven zone temperature controllers. In the event of an over temperature condition, power to the heaters is removed and audible/visual alarms sound. The conveyor continues to operate in this condition.

Control Features
Controls are located on the RIGHT HAND SIDE as viewed from the oven entrance. BTU’s Window’s based WINCON software package provides for full temperature, conveyor speed, monitoring and setpoint, profiling and recipe storage. Computer is located on a swing arm at the entrance onload area of the oven. Temperature control accuracy is + / - .5 degree C. The system includes three thermocouple ports mounted at the oven entrance. These ports connect to the microprocessor so that profiling thermocouples can be connected and used with the Profile software to capture, display, print and store profiles. Automatic shutdown sequencing is standard.

Controls (12 Flowmeters in total)
Entrance Curtain 2 Flowmeters
Zone 1 Top 1 Flowmeter
Zone 1 Bottom 1 Flowmeter
Zone 2/3/4 Top 1 Flowmeter
Zone 2/3/4 Bottom 1 Flowmeter
Zone 5 Top/Bottom 1 Flowmeter
Zone 6/7 Top 1 Flowmeter
Zone 6/7 Bottom 1 Flowmeter
Cooler Purge 1 Flowmeter
Exit Curtain 2 Flowmeters

Blowers recirculate convection flow in the top and bottom of each heating zone. Four ( 4 ) capped gas sample ports are provided located in zones 1, 7, Cooling and source gas supply. Heated process chamber is capable of maintaining 50 PPM or less oxygen in nitrogen. Cooling section is capable 100 PPM or less oxygen and nitrogen. (depending on source nitrogen purity). (atmosphere system cont’d.) Cooling is accomplished by forced convection utilizing blowers mounted to a water to atmosphere heat exchanger module which is housed in a gas tight stainless steel chamber.

Approximate Heater Power: 48 kW @ 480V (53kW with Flux Management option)
Approximate Operating Power: 17 kW

Price: $55,000
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