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Camalot Adhesive Dispenser
Model Number: 2800
Serial Number: 2800 2016
Year 1996
642 Pump - Dual Nozzle Type
Computer Controlled
Pass Thru Conveyor System
CE Marked
Air Pressure Minimum 80 PSI/5.5 Bars
115 Volt
50/60 HZ
29774 cycles
Includes PC - Keyboard - Mouse - Accessories - ect... 

The Camalot 2800 in-line dispenser can deposit any adhesive or solder paste in any shape, size or direction, even in the z-axis. It gives us the ability to dispense solder, epoxy, under-fill or gasket materials and it gives us the ability to accurately and repeatably put down dots, lines, shapes or fill patterns to meet product requirements.

General Specifications
X Direction (left to right) 18.0 inches
Y Direction (front to back) 18.0 inches
Z Direction (up and down) 1.5 inches
Operating Speeds Slew speed and point-to-point is 20
Eight increments of speed control
from 0.01 in./sec. to 4.5 in./sec. in the
dispense mode.

Price: $17,500

Camalot 2800 PCB Adhesive Dispenser

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