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Diagnosys Scanpoint 50 AOI

Year 2004

Model Number: 3050
Serial Number: DIAG/28678/upg

MFG. Information: 1/119/115/226

Type: Automated Optical Inspection
Dual Conveyor PCB Inspection System 
Windows XP-pro with SP2 

Testvue Pinpoint Software

Power Requirements: 110.240 VAC 5 / 10 A

Board Size 420mm x 457mm - Scan Area: 40mm x 300mm - Component Height: up to 29mm - Inspection Time: 20 Seconds

Very Clean - Well Maintained - Very Good Condition

This system costs 70,000 USD New

Our Price: $20,000 USD

Diagnosys Scanpint 50 AOI

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