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Cyberoptics SE 2000 Paste Inspection 
Model # Cybersentry 2000
Serial # 350015
Year: May 1997
2D/3D Solder Paste Inspection
Includes Accessories
Very Good Condition
Inspects multiple sites selected by user (BGA, Discreet and Fine Pitch)
0.7 sec per measurement location
In-Line Inspection
SMEMA Programmable
Height, Area, and Volume Measurements 
"The Sentry 2000 is used on the production line in PCB assembly plants to inspect solder paste on boards soon after screen printing. The system can help to increase yields and reduce scrap and rework. The system is placed over a conveyor belt, directly after the solder paste screen-printing operation. It pulls out information of the solder paste height, area, and volume at multiple sites per board. These images are saved, so operators can go back and view the image of an unacceptable board to better understand the existed problem. The system eliminates the need of human inspectors to pull a board off-line and bring it to a manual inspection system to make the measurements."
Price: $8,000

Cyberoptics SE 2000 Paste Inspection

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