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Cyberoptics SE 200 Paste Inspection
Model # 8002351
Serial # 45059
Year: November 2000
2D/3D Solder Paste Inspection
Includes Monitor - Keyboard - Mouse - Accessories - Software - Manuals - Calibration Jig - and Much More!
Very Good Condition
The Cyberoptics SE 200 provides an affordable alternative to expensive board scanning systems, offering the same benefits - repeatability and continuous process monitoring. The SE 200 calculates true volume based on 3D measurements, producing more precise, repeatable results than 2D systems. Typically the SE 200 performs 100% 3D inspection of 13 x 13, 50 mil pitch BGA site in 8 seconds, 1005 inspection 0f 160-Lead, 20 mill pitch QFA site takes approximately 12 seconds
Location: Chelmsford, MA
Tested to be in good running condition.
Price: $7,000

Cyberoptics SE 200 Paste Inspection

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