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Key Technology Fruit Vegetable Tomato Vision Sorting Machine

(4) Year 2002 Key Technology Vision based Food Sorting Machines.  There are four (4) identical units available for sale from our warehouse location, and all were running at a Tomato facility in the West Coast area.  Off-Lease situation.  You can check the manufacturer, and they are very reputable, and in fact they are selling a similar used machine themselves for around $ 180,000. 

How does it work?
Product comes in the infeed belt area of the machinery, and the vision module above uses it's Cyclops cameras to capture images and digitize the light levels reflected from the product in several ranges.  The processor captures the images to those known and teached-in as rejects.  The outfeed section has a highly engineered 192 valve pneumatic air ejector system, which, timed with precise belt speed, will direct a burst of air onto the rejected product at the exact moment needed and divert it away from the good product stream.  The complete unit is highly engineered, utilizes stainless steel contstruction, and features a user friendly controls system with a touch screen interface.

This unit was used on tomato wedges.  Ideal for corn, lima's, potatoe wedges, strips, etc........

Needs a new belt (missing), which makes sense anyway because Key told us for a new or different application typically a new and different color belt is ideal. Type;  Key Technology PRISM
Model: GE1303
G = Prism Series
E = Cyclops RGB
1 = Lamp Type VHO
3 = Top Cameras V1 HR/high Resolution
0 = No bottom cameras
3 = 192 air ejector valves
Serial #: 02-71545
Year 2002
LCD touchscreen controller, water cooled, UPS.
IBM compatible computer, Windows NT.
Pull out Precision Light System on Tracks.

Price New: $600,000 each

Key Technology Fruit Vegetable
Tomato Vision Sorting Machine

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