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Creative Packaging Shrink Tunnel Sealer
Serial Number: 598701
Model Number: 3230
Year 2005
Tunnel  Opening: 32" wide x 30" tall
Mesh Belt Conveyor System
Leveling Legs
Precision heat control and main control ciruit breaker
220 volt
Excellent Condition - Only used a few time
Working - Connected - Calibrated - Prior to taken off line

Creative Shrink Tunnels are designed to provide consistent shrink under the very exacting conditions of high production packaging lines. They'll deliver perfect packages even with difficult high profile products and the most sensitive packaging films.

A precision heat control maintains the temperature at all times. The powerful blower produces tremendous waves of turbulent hot air which surrounds the packages and shrinks "dog ears". This combination of exact heat control and strnad airflow eliminates the wildly fluctuating temperatures and "soft" airflows which caus inconsistent shrink. The result...reliable shrink and lower costs. The heating chamber is entirely insulated, as is the exterior wall of the chamber, for energy efficient operation. Heat within the chamber is confined by means of teflon curtains. The colume of airflow within the heating chamber is controlled by baffles moved by an easily accessible hand crank at the discharge end of the tunel.

Each shrink tunnel is available with two different conveyor systems. One has a maintenance-free teflon mesh belt. The other offers a live/dead roller system. A variable speed drive makes it easy to fine-tune the shrink. Standard features on all tunnels include adjustable legs and a key-locked quick access electrical panel. Each tunnel also has an easy-open front panel for access to the heating elelments.

Price: $6,000 or Best Offer

C Pak Shrink Tunnel Sealer

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