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Espec Environmental Chamber
Espec Environmental Chamber
Model Number: ENX42-6CAL
Serial Number: 166800
Year 2005
Temp -70 to 150C
Humidity option 10 to 95% RH
DI filter system,
Interior specs 1118mm width, 914mm depth, and 1168mm height
The chamber is Air Cooled
Site Requirements
Electrical Supply: 460V 3Ø 60Hz
Disconnect Breaker: 60 Service Amps
Heat Rejection to Room: 78,000 BTU/hr maximum
Humidity Water: 0.2 to 10 μS/cm resistivity (de-ionized water recommended)
3/8" hose barb connection
Gravity Drain: 1/2" hose connection
It is Self contained.
Manuals Included

Price: $25,000 

Espec Environmental Chamber

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